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Dear Volunteers,

Thank you for visiting the website! We are independent today because thousands of alumni and supporters generously volunteered their time, energy, and expertise to save the College. Now that independence has been secured, volunteers are again critical to our success. A plethora of volunteer opportunities are now available. I hope that you will join our growing volunteer community as we work to set up the College to thrive over the next century.

Volunteers enable us to accomplish projects that otherwise would not be feasible. Their work strengthens everything from the structural integrity of South Hall to the growing campus community. Volunteerism at Antioch College comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. Some volunteers donate one day a month to a project, some volunteer for three hours a week, others spend weeks volunteering on campus.  Check out the volunteer work positions and upcoming events below to find the right fit for you.

Antioch College equipped us with tools to effect change in a variety of ways; now it’s our turn to make a change at Antioch College, to ensure that future generations have the opportunity to create sustainable and justice-centered communities that boldly impact the world! Take a step toward victory by filling out the volunteer application today! See you on campus!

Photo of Maya Nye, Alumni Relations Officer for Volunteer Management  

Maya Nye
Alumni Relations Officer for Volunteer Management
phone: 937-768-3113
e-mail: mnye@antiochcollege.org


Current Volunteer Opportunities


ACC Nondiscrimination Policy: Antioch College is committed to the goal of achieving equal opportunity for all and, accordingly, does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, expression and characteristics, age, religion, national or ethnic origin, visible or invisible disability, or status as a disabled veteran of the Vietnam era. The College complies with federal and state legislation and regulations regarding nondiscrimination. This policy applies to faculty and staff, applicants for faculty and staff positions, students and applicants for educational programs and activities. Inquiries concerning this policy should be addressed to the Office of the President.