From The Alumni Board

There is no choice but to immerse oneselfPresident of The Alumni Board, James A. Hobart '58
in the stream of history, accept one’s
time-location….(and) become defined
as the person of this cause, this party, this emergency.

William Ernest Hocking, the Harvard philosophy professor, wrote this 1939 call to the inevitability of choice in a tribute to Mohandas Gandhi on his 70th birthday. 

Our personal and communal lives, and our future, are shaped by the choices we make or leave unmade. As President of the Antioch College Alumni Association and its Board of Directors, I am charged to ponder this profound and sober understanding of the necessity of choice as it applies to the well being of Antioch College. The 27 other members of the Alumni Association’s Board of Directors join me. We don’t always agree with one another on the particulars of our choices. We do agree that we must deliberate together, take into account and respect our valid differences of perspective and opinion, then decide what we as the Alumni Board will do on behalf of Antioch College. 

I invite every Antioch College alum to join us in supporting the College.

Here are a few opportunities to consider:  

  • Boldly, I encourage each of you to make a financial contribution in keeping with your resources, whether yours are large or small. 

  • I invite you to join one of the Volunteer Work Projects, held in the spring, summer, fall and winter (the next ones are June 13–17 and September 5–8). 

  • I encourage you to come to Reunion 2016: Theater & Performance, September 8–11. 

  • President Tom Manley will be visiting alumni chapters across the country during 2016–2017. I suggest you participate in one in your area.  

  • Perhaps you can offer or suggest a co-op job in your community, or help with housing for a student coming to your area.

  • Finally, the Alumni Board and I welcome hearing from you about your perspectives, concerns, commentary and questions. You can reach me at 

James A. Hobart ’58
President, The Alumni Board