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  • Megan Miller, Class of 2015
    (photo: Dennie Eagleson ’71)
  • Alumna Judith Voet
  • Faculty members Sara Black, David Kammler and Geneva Gano (photo: Dennie Eagleson ’71)
  • President Roosevelt among attendees at Reunion 2011
    (photo: Dennie Eagleson ‘71)
  • Antiochians from the 1970s.
    (photo: Dennie Eagleson ’71)
  • The campus farm provides a living lab.
    (photo: Diane Chiddister, courtesy of the YS News)
  • Maya Lindgren, Class of 2015. (photo: Dennie Eagleson ’71)
Fall 2011
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    Reunion 2011: Two Views

    Two Antiochian women returned to the College for Reunion 2011. Each returned for different reasons.

    By Helen J. Breslauer ’65 and Jeanne-Michele Salander ’72
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    The Class of 2015

    One hundred and forty students applied; only thirty-five enter the College this fall as part of Antioch's first new class in four years.

    Interviews by Gariot P. Louima, Christian Feuerstein ’94, Tim Klass ’71, and Natalia Sylvester
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    Down on the Farm

    Global Seminars provide an interdisciplinary approach to examining critical issues. The campus farm provides a living lab.

    By Christian Feuerstein’94 and Gariot Louima