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  • Dr. Hassan Rahmanian with Guy Matthews
    (photo: Dennie Eagleson ’71)
  • Steven Duffy ’77 (center) with Nargees Jumahan and Adam Abraham (photo: Dennie Eagleson ’71)
  • Peter and Barrie Grenell on their wedding day. These Antiochians met in Boston.
  • Megan Miller and Sara Brookes tour Birch Hall.
    (photo: Dennie Eagleson ’71)
  • Andrea Turkalo ’75 observes elephants in Dzanga Bai, Central African Republic.
  • President Mark Roosevelt with Elijah Blanton
    (photo: Dennie Eagleson ’71)
  • Timothy Barrett ’73 teaching at University of Iowa circa 1992
Spring/Summer 2011
  • A First Look

    Prospective students imagine a life at Antioch College.

    Story by Megan Bachman
  • Coupled

    This feature is a collection of stories submitted by Antiochians who fell in love with other Antiochians.

    Edited by Gariot P. Louima
  • The Road to Reinvention

    The strength of the revitalized Antioch College will rest upon the success of a core team of scholars.

    By Christian Feuerstein
  • An Unwritten Creed

    On April 17, Antioch College alumnus Timothy Barrett spoke to more than two-dozen admitted students about the lasting impression his time at Antioch College had on his life. This is an excerpt from that talk.

    By Timothy Barrett ’73