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 Spring/Summer 2011

Class Notes


HELEN ’48 and JIM HAWTHORNE ’49 married, then left campus after two years of cooking and heating with kerosene, participating in co-op jobs, and growing tomatoes and petunias around their campus trailer. They are retired and currently volunteering at the local Conservation Society and the Unitarian Universalist Church in Barrington, Illinois. They are proud of their three sons and daughters-in-law, five grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren.


EDIE WHITFIELD SEASHORE ’50 is still doing programs in self-awareness, group. and organization development. Instead of consulting large systems, she has developed a ten-month program for training consultants, coaches, and organization leaders – Triple Impact Leadership/Practitioners Program – and is running it inside and outside organizations from Maryland to Alaska. Edie and her husband, Charles, are celebrating their 50th anniversary this year with their two daughters and five grand children.

CY TEBBETS ’52 continues to enjoy living in Yellow Springs with his wife, Ilse Tebbets ’54. Unable to get away from the Antioch co-op influence, they are still working well into their seventh and eighth decades, Cy doing marketing for Anthrotech, an outgrowth of the firm started by Antioch math professor Ed Churchill in the ’50s, and Ilse as a writer and freelancer editor, chiefly for the Charles Kettering Foundation in Dayton and for Anthrotech.

NINA (DEMCHUK) MYATT ’53 has accepted the fact that she will not end her days in Antiochiana as did her predecessors Bessie Totten and Jane Cape. She left it in the excellent care of Scott Sanders. Nina volunteers in Antiochiana, at the Glen Helen nature shop and at the Riding Centre's therapeutic program for children and adults.

HAL McCARTOR ’55 lives in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, with his wife, Alice. After careers in internal medicine, psychiatry, and computer science, he became a painter. He paints large abstract works and plain air landscapes. View his work online at and Write to or 6506 S.W. Barnes Road, Portland, OR 97225.

MITZI COOPER ’57 retired as a healthcare administrator and moved to Philadelphia. She's enjoying the fabulous music and being close to her children and grandchildren.


LUCY A. WOLLIN ’61 retired early, did some consulting, put a couple of school libraries together, joined the Institute for Retired Professionals in the New School in 2002, and has been taking and giving classes ever since. She edits her own Web site, Lucy's Greenmarket Report, which serves chefs and others in New York and reports on Union Square Greenmarket news. The New York Times has written articles about the site. Wollin got her Master of Library Science from Pratt and a Master of Arts and Master of Letters from the Bread Loaf School of English.

KARL GROSSMAN ’64 won the 2011 Generoso Pope Foundation Award for Investigative Reporting for his journalism on environmental issues. In addition to publishing regularly, Grossman is professor of journalism at the SUNY College at Old Westbury where he has taught investigative reporting for thirty-two years. He has also authored books on nuclear technology, hosted TV programs, and written hundreds upon hundreds of articles on nuclear technology.

JANET ELFRING ’65 finally finished rebuilding her house after a house fire; now looking to study some Chinese.

DAVID “TEX” ALLEN ’66 has acted in more than forty Screen Actors Guild signatory movies and national TV drama projects during the past seven years, including Salt (2010) and Wedding Crashers (2006). He is writing a book titled “Fifty International Folk Dances Explained.” Contact him at or write to 107 S. Second St. Apt. l, Columbia, PA 17512.

WILLIAM “BILL” DALTON ’67 celebrated thirty-eight years of marriage (to the same woman), with two youngsters doing well. After thirty-plus years in rural, public health administration, he is now semi-retired – freelancing as a fund and organizational consultant.

ROSALIE MOORE DILLAN ’68 is a freelance copy editor. In January, she marched in the 2011 Yellow Springs MLK Day – “right past the old Gegner’s barber shop!” Rosalie lives in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, with her husband, Roger, and her nephew, Adam, who has been accepted into Antioch’s fall class.


EUGENE “CLEAN GENE” LOH­ MAN ’70 is making a modest living as a DJ in Yellow Springs. He was on WYSO until 1987. He gratefully relates having been sober since 1980. He hopes to see many friends at Reunion 2011. Write to 106 Woodrow Apt.10E, Yellow Springs, Ohio, or call 937-767-7290 (no e-mail for now).

CATHERINE JORDAN ’72 joined the Archibald Bush Foundation as a director of InCommons, a growing network of people, credible tools, and resources to help communities solve their own tough problems. She is enormously energized by the efforts to rebuild Antioch College and looks forward to Reunion 2011, where she will again don the magic Antioch hat to raise the funds necessary to welcome the first class. Catherine lives in Minneapolis with her husband, Steve Lick. Write to .

PAUL RYBOLT ’72 retired after thirty-three years in the photo industry. In 1999 he helped singer-songwriter John Stewart with a video project and began a long run as John’s producer and business manager. John passed away in 2008, but Neon Dreams music continues. Paul travels a lot, takes pictures, and plays various guitars (quite poorly but with great enthusiasm). “Life in Yellow Springs is good and will be better as the new class arrives and stirs up the town.”

ANNE MARIE COLOWICK ’74 has spent most of her career in publishing. She has edited, copyedited, proofread, or indexed how-to books, medical papers, articles, government documents, and textbooks. After leaving her hometown, Nashville, Anne and her spouse, Mike Harbour, lived in New Orleans, Cincinnati, Orlando, and Savannah before settling in 1995 in Olympia, Washington, where Mike manages the transit system. They have two adult sons.

PATRICIA DAIR ’74 is busy ripping up 30,000 square feet of Portland’s schoolyard asphalt for the propagation of native plant rainwater gardens. She previously spent more than twenty years in design and operation of community media stations in New York City, Dallas, and Portland. Her daughter, Maya, is a second-year student in the Shepherd School of Music at Rice University. Her son, Ben, is a 2011 Swarthmore grad. E-mail .

ANDREW GARRISON ’74 is completing work on “Trash Dance,” a feature documentary about a choreographer and trash collectors creating an award-winning dance performance (see Garrison is on the production faculty at the University of Texas and lives in Austin with his wife of twenty-two years, Becky Bingham. Their son, Sam, graduates from UT this year and daughter, Michele, is in her second year at Vassar.

BARBARA KOSSY ’74 has been organizing and guiding sea kayaking trips on Elba Island, Italy, since 1996. This year she’s added trips to Bulgaria.

JIM SPANGLER ’74 and his wife, Megan Trolander, are living eight miles outside of Yellow Springs in a house they designed and built twenty years ago. Jim is still working part time as a carpenter, enjoys gardening with Megan, and helps her with her horse boarding business. They both have been actively involved with the Antioch volunteer projects. Jim says he is “looking forward to seeing some familiar faces at this summer’s Reunion!”

WILLA SEIDENBERG ’75 is in her eleventh year teaching journalism at USC’s Annenberg School for Communications & Journalism. She created a learning lab for students to get practical experience reporting and producing radio-style news. She also started, which features stories by student journalists and local residents. Willa and her husband,BILL SHORT ’83, have a twelve-year-old son, Sam.

SCOTT SPARLING ’76 is the author of the novel Wire to Wire (Tin House Books, June 2011). Publisher’s Weekly said recently, “Sparling’s debate is well-crafted and thrilling, tying together an obvious love for both Michigan and railroads with an expert sense of timing and plot.” Scott, a former Record editor, is married to HARRIET MILLER ’75. They live outside Portland, Oregon, with their son, Zane.

RICHARD SOCARIDES ’76 was named president of Equality Matters, a Washington-based media and communications initiative in support of full LGBT equality. A lawyer, Socarides had previously served as White House special assistant to President Bill Clinton; he was one of the highest-ranking gay persons ever to serve in the federal government. He has agreed to serve as a Horace Mann Fellowship mentor at Antioch College.

LISA PRESTON WAHL ’76 has been using her twenty years of nonprofit executive experience to write grants, do business planning, conduct research, and complete other projects for education and disability organizations in the Bay Area.

MARC MASUROVSKY ’77 co-founded the Holocaust Art Restitution Project (HARP) and co-authored a book on the wartime Nazi plunder of France, Le festin du Reich (2006). He is currently completing a book about genocide and the international art market. See his blog at for more information about his research.

JOSEPH KINARD ’78 worked for President Carter, was a district representative for U.S. Rep. George Miller (D California), president of the California Chamber of Commerce, and president and CEO of the Kinard Group, a management consulting and venture capital services firm. Joe currently sits on the investment committee for a small pension fund.

CATHERINE (HINCHEY) LAPALOMBARA ’78 recently accepted a position as senior academic administrator to the vice president of academic affairs at Prince George’s Community College in Maryland.

JANE ZARCHEN VACHON ’78 spent fifteen years in broadcasting. Career in garden design back in Rhode Island. Was married to a successful blues guitarist, more gardening, surfing in Costa Rica, and some blackjack dealing. She is in Wilmington, North Carolina, now, at the local “farmer’s supply” store. She is heading back to Rhode Island for the summer to do some estate gardening – then it’s out to Colorado. Divorced with no children-so have sold the house and is on a permanent “co-op” schedule. She loves it!


CAROL (WAH) WALTER ’82 spends her free time watching Sesame Street with her three-year-old grandnephew, Shay. She is also enjoying the run-up to her golden years as she fights to end homelessness in Connecticut. She lives with Debra Walsh, her partner of the last eighteen years.

CY ASHLEY WEBB ’82 is at Stanford wrapping up her thesis on the political implications of martyrdom in third-century Rome. Recent publications include a piece on the Usul al Kafi and another on a Mesopotamian text. When not involved in academia, she haunts the San Francisco Symphony and the Philharmonia Baroque orchestras and blogs about classical music and theater.

KAREN ERLICHMAN ’84 won the 2011 Jewish Women's Scholarship Award from the Association for Women in Psychology for a piece that was published in Zeek: A Jewish Journal of Thought and Culture. She is on the faculty in the Master of Spiritual Guidance Program at the Institute for Transpersonal Psychology. BILL MCCUDDY ’84 graduated from the Antioch Adult Degree Completion Program and began doing video in the “Belly of the Beast” – first at a mortgage bank, now as a government military contractor. Believing in an Iron Fist on one hand and a Velvet Glove on the other, he has produced two children, Will, an Air Force pilot, and Miki, who is working toward a medical degree in third-world elder care.

PETER THOMSON ’84 is an environment editor at the PRI's The World, a global news radio, audio, and multi-platform program. He also serves on the Board of Directors of the Society of Internal Journalists. Four years ago, he wrote Sacred Sea: A Journey to Lake Baikal. Thomson and his wife, Edith Buhs, have a daughter Eleanor Rose, who will be two on June 30.

ALESSANDRA DE MEO ’86 lives and teaches foreign languages, as well as a number of related subjects, in Brooklyn, New York. She continues to work with MARK GREENFIELD ’86 and the Faux-Real Theatre Company. She is the mother of Donatello, an amazing 15-year-old boy who also works in the theater.

MICHAEL CASSELLI ’87 completed a U.S. tour with the experimental New York dance company Sarah Michelson Inc., for whom he worked as a touring designer for the company’s newest work, Devotion. Afterward, he traveled to Wrocław, Poland, as part of the 32nd Stage Song Review Festival with Meredith Monk and Ann Hamilton’s “Songs of Ascension” in the role of production manager and video designer.

MARIE JAVINS ’88 is circumnavigating the world on for the tenth anniversary of her 2001, which was partly the basis for her book Stalking The Wild Dik-Dik (Seal Press, 2006). She is travelling by land from Morocco to Cape Town via West Africa at the moment, and then will go to Asia, Australia, and Tahiti before returning to New York, where she works as editor-in-chief of a Kuwaiti comic book company.

ANNE MARIE BARTOO ’89 has been living and working in coastal Maine for a dozen years with her wonderful husband and partner. Her time is occupied with gardening, writing, poetry (first self-published book forthcoming), researching family history, and working as a non-profit consultant. This summer, she'll be launching the Northeast's Chapter of the American Creativity Association.

BEN LONDON ’89 and ROSEANN MOSS ’89 live in Seattle with their children Maxwell and Sylvia. Ben does music and media business development for Hewlett-Packard and previously worked the Grammys and the interactive Experience Museum Project. A lifelong musician, Ben has recorded for both independent and major record labels. His songs have been featured in a number of film and television projects. He currently records and performs with his band Stag.


NICOLE (WOOD) IRIZAWA ’91 lives in Japan with her husband, Fumiaki, and their six-year-old daughter, Kei. In May, she began a new position as re-writer for DHC, a Tokyo-based cosmetics company. Her world was changed on Friday, March 11, when a 9.0 earthquake rocked northern Japan. Her friends, a family of five, lost their home in Miyagi and are currently living in a crowded evacuation center. If you would like to consider making a donation of clothing or other items, please contact her at .

EDWARD MCKILLOP ’91 achieved the status of Master Gardener through the Washington State University Extension Program. He volunteers as a community educator, providing science-based information on horticulture and environmentally sound gardening practices. He grew up gardening with his family and learned much from them, but never understood the science.

NICOLA “NIKI” BALTIMORE ’92 is living in the Miami Valley area volunteering often at Antioch College. She has also taken major steps toward a healthier, happier life and is pleased to report that she has dropped 126 pounds and counting. She hasn’t felt this healthy since college! Perhaps she will burn up the dance floor at Reunion. Find her on Facebook or e-mail .

CAELI GOOD ’93 just purchased a house and three and a quarter acres east of Cincinnati, where she will begin homesteading adventures with her boyfriend. Over the past few years she has gotten increasingly interested in permaculture and “off-the-grid” living.

CHRISTELLE EVANS ’94 received her Master's in Divinity from Emory University Candler School of Theology. Currently living in Atlanta, she is working towards ordination in the United Methodist Church.

DEIDRE KYLIE ’94 is now writing and performing street theater and poetry. ANDREA MARTIN­CLAY ’94 is running two Girl Scout troupes, is the president of the PTA at one of her daughter’s schools. She plans to run one or two First Lego League teams while substitute teaching at Lewis Elementary School in Solon, Ohio.

ANGELICA VELASQUEZ ’96 has worked extensively in education as a teacher, trainer, program director, and advocate. She holds a master’s in urban affairs from Hunter College and currently works as a project coordinator at the NYC Early Childhood Professional Development Institute. Angelica is a tireless advocate for children and families in New York City and is active around education reform. She lives in Brooklyn with her son, Camilo.

MICHELLE (MOSKOWITZ) BROWN ’96 returned to Ohio after spending fifteen years as an arts and finance administrator in Brooklyn, New York. She bought a home in Columbus. Her husband, Aaron, is designing afterschool programs for Metro Columbus High School students.

VEERLE OPGENHAFFEN ’96 isettled down in Brooklyn, where she is pursuing her lifelong passion for human rights by working at the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice at NYU School of Law. She is the senior program director and a manager of the center's project on gender-based violence in Haiti.

JUDE DEMERS ’97 entered Central State University's post-baccalaureate program in young adult integrated language arts education in June of 2008. He has taught at Thurgood Marshall High School and Ruskin PK-8. He is working full time toward a graduate degree at Central State while working as a substitute teacher in Yellow Springs.

ED M. KOZIARSKI ’97 and his wife, Junko Kajino, are heading to northern Japan to capture the experiences of organic farmers trying to hold onto and remediate their land in the face of the nuclear crisis, for their documentary “Uncanny Terrain” (see

KRI (ANDERSON) BURKANDER ’98 completed the first year of coursework toward a doctorate in educational policy at Michigan State University. She came to school ten years after earning her master’s in social work at the University of Michigan, doing clinical work with adolescents in various settings, and ultimately teaching high school. Her husband, Paul, is also working toward a doctorate in economics. They have two children, Maggie and Oliver.


ESTON WHITFIELD ’00 spent six months at Tassajara, one of three practice communities that comprise the San Francisco Zen Center, and has since returned home to Kenya. He flies Cessna Grand Caravan charters in and out of Nairobi and in South Sudan for Médecins Sans Frontières. When not flying airplanes, he spends his time with his sister, Louisa, her seven-month-old daughter, Sikina, his parents, and his fledgling dairy goat farm.

LEE AZZARELLO ’01 did a stint in the New York art world as a new media software developer and worked in lefty alternative media organizations, such as Indymedia and Democracy Now! Throughout 2009 he toured with the performance art group Tomio-Margolis in a show called Action Potential. Lee is now working for Vostu, a social gaming company that develops casual games for the emerging market in Brazil. E-mail .

RANI CROWE ’01 will begin pursuing an MFA in film at the Ohio University in the fall. In April, she presented a concert performance of Igor Stravvisnky's Soldier's Tale (with Kurt Vonnegut's libretto) in South Gym.

MAUREEN SHAUGHNESSSY ’01 picked oranges on a farm in Greece, met a boy from Argentina, and followed him home. The 2001 crises led them to flee their countries, ending up in Barcelona for six years. Feeling estranged from America, they bought a van in Argentina and drove to Mexico. Maureen now lives in Buenos Aires and is soon moving to Patagonia to have a baby. She is a freelance translator.

EMILY SEPIK ’02 received her MFA from Columbia College in Chicago in 2007 and is now putting that to good use by helping to run an animal rescue in Asheville, North Carolina. She now responds to the nickname of “She-Wrex,” while playing roller derby with Asheville's Blue Ridge Rollergirls. Her long-time companion, Bela, a shepherd-husky mix who challenged the Antioch pet policy once or twice, died last July at the age of fifteen.

KAYCEE HINCKLEY ’05 recently co-directed a full-length circus spectacle inspired by Jorge Diaz's The Rebellious Alphabet. The show was performed at The Lensic in Santa Fe. Kaycee has since been accepted into the University of New Mexico's Occupational Therapy Graduate Program, where she will pursue a master's degree.

CHAD HAGEDORN ’06 co-founded Sprout City Farms, a nonprofit focused on developing urban farms and working on food access in Denver, Colorado. Chad manages a one-acre farm on the grounds of the Denver Green School.

PAUL MORTON ’08 is a third-year medical student at the University of Hawaii and is completing an outpatient clerkship in Hilo, Hawaii. He is hoping to go into an orthopedic surgery residency. In his spare time, he enjoys climbing ridges and training in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.