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 Spring/Summer 2011


Mark Roosevelt

Executive Editor
Gariot P. Louima
Director of Communications

Art Direction
Matt Minde

Editorial Contributors
Micah Canal ’08
Steven Duffy ’77
Christian Feuerstein ’94
David A. Horowitz ’64
James Michael Russell
Leisl Schwabe ’97
LR Silver ’68
Bradie Speller ’74
Natalia M. Sylvester

Dennie Eagleson ’71

Web Design
Sweet and Fizzy

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Board Pro Tempore
Gregory M. Avis
Nick Boutis, Ex Officio Member
Nancy Crow ’70
Pavel Curtis ’81, Secretary
Allyn S. Hansson Feinberg ’70
Atis Folkmanis ’62
Tendaji Ganges ’71
David Goodman ’69 Frances Degen Horowitz ’54, Vice Chair
Joyce Idema ’57
Jay Lorsch ’55
Lee Morgan ’66, Chair
Rozell W. “Prexy” Nesbitt ’67
Edward H. Richard ’59, Treasurer
Mark Roosevelt
Barbara Winslow ’68

Honorary Members
Kay Drey
Leo Drey ’39
Terry O. Herndon ’57
Hon. Eleanor Holmes Norton ’60

Alumni Association Board of Directors
Terry Bohnhorst Blackhawk ’68 
Michael J. Brower ’55
Judith “Judi” Lynn Church ’75
Nancy Crow ’70, President
Barbara Esbin ’75
Laura G. Fathauer ’95
Joe Foley ’64, Vice President
Tendaji W. Ganges ’71
Laurence A. “Larry” Glasco ’62
Barrie Grenell ’65 
James A. Hobart ’58 
Gary Houseknecht ’66
Chad A. Johnston ’01 
Emily Baruch Kirby ’52 
Tim Klass ’71 
Glenda Cox May ’81 
Tanya Mink ’64 
Karen Mulhauser ’65
Susan Opotow ’65 
Mark V. Reynolds ’80 
Sheila Richmond ’57 
Travis Sanford ’94
Miguel A. Santiago Jr. ’98
Wayne Snively ’63
Allen Spalt ’66
David Thelen ’62
Paula A. Treichler ’65
Donald Kiblinger Wallace ’60
Greg Williams ’95