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  • Marching for MLK: Max Banaszak Moore, and Tyson Housch. (photo: Dennie Eagleson ’71)
  • A fanciful jacket warms a marcher. (photo: Dennie Eagleson ’71)
  • John Knox '68 and David Goodman '69 at the January 20th Friday Forum. (photo: Dennie Eagleson)
  • Faith Patterson, founder and president of the AACW. (photo: Dennie Eagleson ’71)
  • Evening Hudson holds an iconic image. (photo: Dennie Eagleson ’71)
  • Antioch College welcomes its new president, Mark Roosevelt. (photo: Ty Greenlees)
  • Al Denman, chair of the Task Force on Community & Community Governance. (photo: Dennie Eagleson)
 Winter 2011
  • Contemplation

    Introducing the principles of mindfulness training in higher education.

    Story by Liesl Schwabe ’97
  • A Lasting Legacy

    In the last decade, nine Antiochians have received Fulbright scholarships, a rate that surpasses many universities.

    By Natalia M. Sylvester
  • Introducing Mr. Roosevelt

    Mark Roosevelt takes the helm of an institution in the process of rebuilding itself.

    By Gariot P. Louima
  • Into the Pages of the Twilight Zone

    The influence of Twilight Zone Magazine on both the legacy of Rod Serling ’50 and the College.

    By James Michael Russell
  • Antioch at the Dawn of the Sixties

    One alumnus’ Antioch experience at the dawn of the civil rights era.

    By David A. Horowitz ’64