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 Winter 2012

In Print

Twice Just to be Sure

By Joel Pomerantz, Illustrated By Lance Jackson

As editor of the Antioch Record (1984), Joel initiated the use of in-house computing and electronic publishing. now he's used the latest technology to create an on-demand story book. That means copies are printed when orders come, one at a time. Unlike wasteful traditional publishing, that means no heap of unused books when it turns out not to sell by the millions. Joel's work in San Francisco involves research and writing about local public art and natural history. You can join one of his award-winning bike or walking tours at You can view or buy the book at

Twice to be Sure Illustration and excerpt

About the Book: Can pianocakes solve multigrain conundrums? Yes! Well… maybe. sometimes. if you think it through twice and sing it out. But it can be hard to sing with your mouth full. Wait until after lunch, when wondering and thinking work best. Twice Just to be Sure is the word-playful tale of an optimistic child's reasoning in an unreasonably tumbley world. This silly serious story celebrates music, communication and garden veggies through the eyes of idgie, a child with a knack for contemplation.

About the Designer: Amy Conger is an artist, teacher and changemaker living in San Francisco. Her most secret identity is L'Abécédarienne, the mysterious free font designer. Her more obvious manifestations are as an art faculty member and a changework facilitator, whatever that is.

About the Illustrator: As an illustrator, artist and art director, lance Jackson has been part of the ever-transforming digital mash up in the San Francisco Bay area. Both his digital and traditional work has been published on a regular basis on the section covers and on the editorial and opinion pages of the San Francisco Chronicle. He has completed commissions for clients such as Cisco Systems, Time Magazine, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, Sports Illustrated, MacWorld Expo, Dominican University and Union Bank. His work is included in the collections of Governor Arnold Schwarzen- Egger, Oakland Mayor Jean Quan, Alameda County Arts Commission, Zyzzyva, Mills College, 2011 Brooklyn Sketchbook Project and other private collections. Jackson is an adjunct professor at the California College of Arts. He is currently teaching at City College of San Francisco. additional examples of his work can be seen at Art House and noirture.

Twice to be Sure Illustration and excerpt